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Busy "B" Rentals provides tents that are designed to provide your guests with shelter from the sun and rain. They are an inexpensive option and can be installed with or without walls to provide the right amount of openness, privacy or protection from the elements that you need. Our tents can be set up on grass or concrete but are not recommended for use in heavy weather or on steep inclines. Combine the tents with our wide variety of tables, chairs and specialty items to make your next social event a success.

Busy "B" Rentalsprovides only the highest quality tents in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Tents range in size from 20' x 20' to 20' x 40' and for larger needs we can connect multiple tents together to provide larger areas of protection from the elements.  

Located at Bilicic's Busy Mart

5218 Township Rd. Geneva OH 44041

at Rt. 90 and Rt. 534

Phone: (440) 466-9111

Fax: (440) 466-7222

E-mail: info@BusyBRentalsGeneva.com

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